PreCourse Programme

Virtual 21st annual meeting of the EVF

Thursday 24 – Saturday 26 June 2021

Outline of Programme

All hours on timeline in BST 




24 June 2021


25 June 2021


26 June 2021


Abstract Session 1: Venous Thromboembolism, Anticoagulation, Iliac Stenting, Villalta Scale

Abstract Session 3: Miscellaneous

Abstract Session 4: Sclerotherapy, laser, Glue

10.30-11.00 ePoster Presentations ePoster Presentations ePoster Presentations

Abstract Session 2: Thermal ablation, Cyanoacrylate, Sclerotherapy, Haemodynamics

11.00-12.00: Industry Session 2

12.00-12.30: EVF Invited Lecture

12.30-13.00: Didactic Session 3: New Messages on VTE

Didactic Session 4: Varicose vein recurrence, Compression, DOAC

Abstract Session 5: Laser, Pathophysiology of CVD; Villalta Scale

13.00-14.00 Visit ePosters

Visit Virtual Exhibition

ePoster Presentations

Visit Virtual Exhibition

Joint EVF/BVF Session

Visit Virtual Exhibition

14.00-15.00 Industry Session 1 EVF Annual General Meeting End of Meeting

Didactic Session 1: Messages from New Guidelines, Laser Crossectomy

Joint EVF/AVF Session  
16.00-16.30 ePoster Presentations ePoster Presentations  

Didactic Session 2: Advanced CVD, MOCA, Cyanoacrylate, New devices

Industry Session 3  
17.30-18.30 Didactic Session 2 (continued) Prize Presentations  

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