EV Foundation

European Venous Foundation

 (UK Registered Charity number: 1100372)


The European Venous Foundation was created in the year 2000 when the inaugural meeting of the European Venous Forum took place in Lyon, France under the Presidency of Dr Michel Perrin. The foundation has similar aims as the European Venous Forum i.e. to develop education, scientific knowledge, research and clinical expertise of the highest quality and establish standards in the field of venous disease. Also, to promote collaboration between phlebological societies, health agencies and authorities at the National and European levels in the prevention, investigation and treatment of venous disorders.

The Trustees aim to raise funds in order to support the above aims and endeavors of the Forum and Foundation, provide funds for research and prizes as well as traveling fellowships for young researchers and doctors in training. Also, to provide priming funds for the organization of congresses, seminars, courses and other functions in support of the aims.

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