• The website dedicated to the journal Phlebolymphology is now enriched with 2 new sections written by Michel Perrin

“RCT’s” section (Randomized Controlled Trials) gathers all the references (with links towards the abstracts) on randomized controlled studies related to the operative treatments of chronic venous disease (open surgery, chemical and thermal ablation, and their combination) and published since 1990.

“PREVAIT” section (PREsence of Varices After operatIve Treatment) is dealing with all the references (with links towards the abstracts) on studies related to recurrences of varicose veins after operative treatment.

The aim of this new service is to help vascular specialists (medical and surgical) to rapidly identify publications of importance for their current presentations or research.

  • Life was too short…

Sad news in the world of phlebology: on December 31 2018 Dr Evi Kalodiki passed away. Evi was a great surgeon and teacher, involved in many consensus and guidelines documents.  Always kind and ready to listen.  It is an enormous loss to the phebologic community.

  • Honorary Members

Honorary Membership has been awarded to:

Masuda Elna (USA)

Jeanneret Christina (Switzerland)

Branisteanu Daciana (Romania)

For their outstanding contribution to the world of  venous disease


  • Professor Imre Bihari has been elected President Elect for 2020
  • Dr Oscar Maleti has been elected President Elect for 2021
  • Dr Erika Mendoza has been elected President Elect for 2022
  • Lifetime Award to Dr. Michel Perrin

At the recent annual meeting held in Paris, France, the EVF proudly awarded a Lifetime Award to Dr. Michel Perrin. In recognition of his meritorious contributions to the art and science of venous medicine, his leadership and his untiring dedication and pioneering efforts in the investigation, prevention and treatment of venous disease.

  • The SFP is pleased to offer you the issue of its journal « Phlébologie Annales Vasculaires » specially dedicated to the late Pr Michel Perrin, founder of EVF. Click here to view

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