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24th EVF Annual Meeting 27-29 June 2024 Athens, Greece

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11th EVF HOW Porto, Portugal 5-7 October 2023

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EVF was founded in Lyon, France in 2000. The objective is to develop education, scientific knowledge, research and clinical expertise of the highest quality and establish standards in the field of venous disease. The EVF is under the auspices of the Union Internationale de Phlebology and the International Union of Angiology. Membership is wide and open to anyone who has an interest in the field irrespective of medicine discipline.
We are currently witnessing Russia’s aggressive invasion of Ukraine with serious and detrimental effects on civilian lives, mass casualties and destruction. Millions of refugees are leaving their homeland. At the same time Ukrainian doctors, our colleagues with whom we have developed longstanding collaboration and friendship, are struggling to help people in need and to heal military and civilian catastrophic consequences. Certainly, this is not a situation that anyone should remain neutral or abstain. We plead and hope for a ceasefire to allow peaceful solutions through diplomacy without the sound of guns and violence. We condemn in the strongest terms Russia’s war on Ukraine. It is our deep belief that science and health should unite people, improve understanding, strengthening friendships and thereby resolving boundaries amongst people. We should not forget that millions of Russian citizens, doctors and scientists speak for peace and protest against this catastrophic invasion of Ukraine. We always promote and believe that scientific dialogue and collaboration is the only way to improve our lives and protect our humanitarian values. Our minds are with the people of Ukraine and our heart beats strong with theirs. We are praying for all citizens of Ukraine and along with the rest of the world we call for the end of hostilities. We pray for peace.