Prize Winners

EVF Prize Winners

Each year, during the Annual Meeting, the EVF Prize is awarded to the best presentation, scored on originality and quality. Prizes are awarded to 3rd, 2nd and 1st place.

We are pleased to present the prize winners since the inaugural meeting in Lyon in 2000.

The winner of the 1st prize is awarded a grant up to the sum of £1,500 to attend and present their paper at the following meeting of the American Venous Forum (AVF).

The 1st place winner is also awarded a grant from the American Vein and Lymphatic Society to present the paper at the following meeting of the AVFL.

The 3 winning abstracts are sent to the Japanese Society of Phlebology (JSP) who will accept one to be presented at the annual meeting of the JSP. The EVF will award a grant up to €3,000 to cover the travel and accommodation expenses in attending the meeting.

The EVF has a reciprocal arrangement with the AVF, ACP and the JSP. For further information please contact Anne Taft at the EVF Office:


  • Electronic Presentations 2015: Four certificates were awarded for the Best Electronic Presentation at the EVF St Petersburg meeting, 2015. Click here for details.
  • Electronic Presentations 2016: Three certificates were awarded for the Best Electronic Presentation at the EVF London meeting, 2016. Click here for details.
  • ePoster Presentations 2017: Four certificates were awarded for the Best ePoster Presentation at the EVF Porto meeting, 2017. Click here for details.
  • ePoster Presentations 2018: Two certificates were awarded for the Best ePoster Presentation at the EVF Athens meeting, 2018. Click here for details.
  • ePoster Presentations 2019: Two certificates were awarded for the Best ePoster Presentation at the EVF Zurich meeting, 2019. Click here for details.
  • ePoster Presentations 2021: One certificate was awarded for the Best ePoster Presentation at the EVF Virtual meeting, 2021. Click here for details.
  • ePoster Presentations 2022: Three certificates were awarded for the Best ePoster Presentation at the EVF Zurich meeting, 2022. Click here for details.
  • ePoster Presentations 2023: Two certificates were awarded for the Best ePoster Presentation at the EVF Berlin meeting, 2023. Click here for details.
  • ePoster Presentations 2024: One certificates was awarded for the Best ePoster Presentation at the EVF Athens meeting, 2024. Click here for details.


24th Annual Meeting, 27-29 June 2024, Athens, Greece

1st Prize The DAVE randomised clinical trial — decellularised dermis allograft for the treatment of chronic venous leg ulceration.

Matthew Tan*1;

Sarah Onida1; Valeria Balan1; Francine Heatley1; Sarrah Peerbux1; Tristan Lane1; David Epstein2; Keith Poskitt3; Nicky Cullum4; John Norrie5; Robert Lee5; Akila Chandrasekar6; Richard Lomas6; Alun Davies1

  • 1Imperial College London, London, UK; 2University of Granada, Granada, Spain; 3Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Gloucestershire, UK; 4University of Manchester, Manchester, UK; 5University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK; 6NHS Blood and Transfusion, Bristol, UK
2nd Prize Investigating the role of LL37 in accelerating atherosclerosis following venous thrombosis.

Joana P. Cartaxo Serralha*1

; Ling Gao1; Maria L. Bertolaccini1; Alexandru Dregan1; Joachim Pircher2; Alkystis Phinikaridou1; Christian Schulz2; Alberto Smith1; Prakash Saha1

  • 1King’s College London, London, UK; 2Klinikum der Universität München, Munich, Germany
3rd Prize Ten-year outcomes of a randomised controlled trial of endovenous laser ablation versus conventional surgery for great saphenous varicose veins.

Abduraheem Mohamed*1;

Daniel Carradice1; Ian Chetter1; George Smith1; Tom Wallace2; Shivani Rae1; Bharadhwaj Ravindhran1; Arthur Lim1; Alexander Knighton1

  • 1Hull York Medical School, Hull, UK; 2Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds, UK

23rd Annual Meeting, 22-24 June 2023, Berlin, Germany

1st Prize Novel Oral Anticoagulants (NOACs) Versus Low Molecular Weight Heparin (LMW) In Prevention Of Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Recurrence In Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review And Meta-analysis

Patricia Noreen Bueno*; William Bernard Ong; Frinz Moey Rubio; Lea Arceli Gonzales-Porciuncula

  • St. Luke’s Medical Center, Quezon City, Philippines
2nd Prize (Joint) The Epidemiology And Risk Factors Of Chronic Venous Disease And Superficial Vein Reflux In A General Population In The Netherlands — Results From The Rotterdam Study

Eveline Scheerders*

  • Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2nd Prize (Joint) A Novel Screening Tool For Pelvic Venous Disorders

Matthew Tan*1; Adam Gwozdz1; Tasneem Pope1; Alun Davies1; Sriram Narayanan2

  • 1Imperial College London, London, UK; 2The Venus Clinic Singapore and The Harley Street Heart & Vascular Centre, Singapore, Singapore

22nd Virtual Annual Meeting, 30 June – 02 July 2022

1st Prize Hybrid ilio-femoral recanalization after injection for drug abuse obstruction: a single centre experience.

Elisa Munari*; Marzia Lugli; Matteo Longhi; Oscar Maleti

  • Hesperia Hospital, Modena, Italy
2nd Prize The effects of post-thrombotic venous outflow obstruction on cardiac function during exercise.

Rachael Morris*1; Bram Ruijsink1; Richard Bruce1; Philip Marino2; Bhashkar Mukherjee2; Aimee Brame2; Reza Razavi1; Alberto Smith1; Stephen Black1

  • 1Kings College London, London, UK
  • 2St Thomas’ Hospital, London, UK
3rd Prize Development of an international standard set of outcome measures for patients with venous thromboembolism: A Report of The International Consortium For Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) Venous Thromboembolism Working Group.

Adam Gwozdz*1; Cindy de Jong2; Luz Fialho3; Frieda Sossi3; Theerawich Likitabhorn4; Stephen Black1; Frederikus Klok2

  • 1Academic Department of Vascular Surgery, School of Cardiovascular Medicine and Science, King’s Colle, London, UK;
  • 2Department of Medicine, Thrombosis and Haemostasis, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, Netherlands;
  • 3International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement, London, UK; 4International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement, Boston, USA

21st Virtual Annual Meeting, 24-26 June 2021

1st Prize Quality of life outcomes after iliac vein stenting for chronic deep venous obstruction: a tertiary centre experience using the Veines-Qol/Sym

Rachael Morris*; Anna Pouncey; Taha Khan; Adam Gwozdz; Belen Quintana; Prakash Saha; Stephen Black

  • St Thomas’ Hospital, London, UK
2nd Prize Factors, which are secreted by the venous endothelium upon exposure to oscillatory shear stress, affect adjacent cell layers of the vein wall

Mariia Smetanina*1; Arina Shirshova2; Igor Zolotukhin3; Andrey Shevela1; Maxim Filipenko1

  • 1Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine (ICBFM); Novosibirsk State University (NSU), Novosibirsk, Russia;
  • 2Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine (ICBFM), Novosibirsk, Russia;
  • 3Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU); Institute of Chemical Biology and Fund, Moscow, Russia
3rd Prize Randomised clinical trial of mechanochemical ablation versus cyanoacrylate adhesive for the treatment of varicose veins (MOCCA)

Amjad Belramman*1; Tristan R A Lane1; Roshan Bootun1; Tjun Yip Tang2; Alun H Davies1

  • 1Imperial College London, London, London, UK;
  • 2Singapore General Hospital and Sengkang General Hospital, Singapore., Singapore, Singapore

20th Annual Meeting, 27-29 June 2019, Zurich, Switzerland

1st Prize Compression following endothermal ablation — a randomised controlled trial

Roshan Bootun; Amjad Belramman; Layla Bolton-Saghdaoui; Tristan RA Lane; Celia Riga; Alun H Davies

  • Imperial College London, London, UK
Joint 2nd Prize Quantitative and structural characteristics of mitochondrial DNA in varicose veins

Mariya A. Smetanina1; Kseniya S. Sevost’ianova1; Arina N. Shirshova2; Igor P. Oscorbin2; Natalya A. Oskina2; Igor A. Zolotukhin3; Maxim L. Filipenko1. 

  • 1Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine (ICBFM); Novosibirsk State University (NSU), Novosibirsk, Russia
  • 2Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine (ICBFM), Novosibirsk, Russia
  • 3Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU), Moscow, Russia
Joint 2nd Prize Cost utility analysis of modalities of treatment for iliofemoral deep venous thrombosis in the United Kingdom

Anna Louise Pouncey1; Joseph B Babigumira2; Oscar W Johnson1; Stephen A Black1. 

  • 1Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK
  • 2University of Washington, Washington, USA

19th Annual Meeting, 28-30 June 2018, Athens, Greece

1st Prize Magnetic resonance multi-sequence thrombus imaging (MSTI) in patients with acute iliofemoral deep vein thrombosis can predict thrombus lysability

Justinas Silickas1, Stephen Alan Black1, Alkystis Phinikaridou2, Adam M Gwozdz1, Marcelo Andia Kohnenkampf3, Ashish S Patel1, Bijan Modarai1, Rene Botnar2, Alberto Smith4, Prakash Saha1

  • 1Academic Department of Vascular Surgery, King’s College London & Vascular Surgery Department, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK
  • 2 School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences, King’s College London, London, UK
  • 3 School of Medicine, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile
2nd Prize Catheter-directed thrombolysis versus angiojet pharmacomechanical thrombectomy for the treatment of iliofemoral deep vein thrombosis

Pouncey AL, Silickas J, Johnson O, Gwozdz AM, Saha P, Black SA

  • Academic Department of Vascular Surgery, Cardiovascular Division, St. Thomas’ Hospital, King’s College London, UK
3rd Prize Just-in-time: Importance of early duplex surveillance following deep venous stenting for the treatment of post-thrombotic syndrome

Adam Gwozdz, Prakash Saha, Justinas Silickas, Leonardo Jones, Taha Kahn, Lawrence Stephenson, Anna Pouncey, Oscar Johnston, Ash Patel, Soundrie Padayachee, Alberto Smith, Stephen Black

  • Academic Department of Vascular Surgery, School of Cardiovascular Medicine and Science, St Thomas’ Hospital, King’s College London, UK

18th Annual Meeting, 29 June – 1 July 2017, Porto, Portugal

1st Prize

Randomised controlled trial of compression therapy following endothermal ablation (Cometa trial).

Roshan Bootun, Layla Bolton-Saghdaoui, Tristan RA Lane, Celia Riga, Alun H Davies. Imperial College London, London, UK

2nd Prize

Noninvasive evaluation of calf muscle oxygenation in patients with chronic venous insufficiency using near-infrared spectroscopy- correlation with clinical severity.

Yumiko Sasaki, Takashi Yamaki, Hiroki Yago, Yuki Hasegawa, Atsuyoshi Osada, Hiroyuki Sakurai. Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Tokyo, Japan

3rd Prize Anomalies of the inferior vena cava: not always congenital?

EE Willms, RR van den Bos, MGR De Maeseneer. Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands

17th Annual Meeting, 7th-9th July 2016, London, UK

1st Prize

A cost comparison of treating those with and without the complications of SVI
J El-Sheikha, S Nandhra, C Leung, T Wallace, D Carradice, I Chetter
Academic Vascular Surgery Unit, Hull York Medical School, Hull, UK

2nd Prize

The relationship between social deprivation and referral to a vascular service for the assessment and diagnosis of varicose veins and leg ulcer before and after publication of NICE clinical guidelines 168
H Davies, M Poppelwell, K Koutsoumpelis, G Bate, A Bradbury
University of Birmingham, Department of Vascular Surgery, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham, UK

3rd Prize Risk adjusted DVT prophylaxis for ambulatory varicose vein procedures: How useful is the Caprini risk assessment model
AJ Wagstaff, SJ Goodyear, IK Nyamekye
The Vascular Unit, Worcester Royal Hospital, Worcester, UK

16th Annual Meeting, 2nd-4th July 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia

1st Prize

Clinical and technical five year outcomes of a randomised clinical trial comparing EVLA vs. Surgery for Varicose Veins
J El-Sheikha, S Nandhra, D Carradice, T Wallace, N Samuel, I Chetter
Hull York Medical School / Hull University, Academic Vascular Surgery Unit, Hull Royal Infirmary, Hull, UK

2nd Prize

Increasing thigh compression pressure correlates with a reduction in the venous drainage index of air plethysmography
CR Lattimer, S Doucet, E Kalodiki, M Azzam, V Ibegbuna, G Geroulakos
Josef Pflug Vascular Laboratory, Ealing Hospital & Imperial College, London, UK

3rd Prize One-year outcomes following deep venous reconstruction for thrombotic disease using dedicated endovenous stents
P Saha, N Karunanithy, K Breen, A Patel, B Hunt, B Modarai, S Black
Academic Department of Vascular Surgery, Cardiovascular Division & Department of Thrombosis and Haemostasis, BHF Centre of Excellence, King’s College London and NIHR Biomedical Research Centre at Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK

15th Annual Meeting, 26th-28th June 2014, Paris, France

1st Prize

Rates of duplex-detected recanalisation 5 years after ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy and relationship with clinical, haemodynamic and patient reported outcomes
KAL Darvall, GR Bate, AW Bradbury.
University of Birmingham, Department of Vascular Surgery, Birmingham, UK

2nd Prize

Validation of the Caprini risk score for venous thromboembolism (VTE) in high risk surgical patients
K Lobastov, V Barinov, L Laberko, V Boyarintsev
The Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow, Russia

3rd Prize The AVULS Trial – simultaneous varicosity treatment is clinically better
TRA Lane, D Kelleher, AC Shepherd, IJ Franklin, AH Davies
Academic Section of Vascular Surgery, Imperial College London, Charing Cross Hospital, London, UK

14th Annual Meeting, 27th-30th June 2013, Belgrade, Serbia

1st Prize

Long-term (5-8 years) follow-up after ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy for varicose veins: Patient-reported outcomes (PROMS), satisfaction and health-related quality of life
KAL Darvall, GR Bate, AW Bradbury
University Department of Vascular Surgery, Birmingham, UK

2nd Prize

Factors associated with the development of superficial vein thrombosis in patients with varicose veins
C Karathanos1, M Exarchou1, A Tsezou2, D Kyriakou3, C Wittens4,5, A Giannoukas1
1.Department of Vascular Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, School of Health Sciences, University of Thessalia, Larissa, Greece,
2.Department of Molecular Biology, Faculty of Medicine, School of Health Sciences, University of Thessalia, Larissa, Greece
3.Department of  Haematology, Faculty of Medicine, School of Health Sciences, University of Thessalia, Larissa, Greece
4.Department of Vascular Surgery and Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht, Maastricht University Medical Centre, Maastricht, Limburg, The Netherlands,
5.Department of Vascular Surgery, University Hospital RWTH Aachen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

3rd Prize Characterisation of thrombus extent in patients with acute lower limb deep vein thrombosis
N Bochanen 1,2, P Van Schil1,2, M De Maeseneer1,3
1. Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium.
2. Department of Thoracic and Vascular Surgery, University Hospital Antwerp, Edegem, Belgium. 3. Department of Dermatology, Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

13th Annual Meeting, 28th-30th June 2012, Florence, Italy

1st Prize

Metabolic profile of veins and their implications in primary varicose veins disease.
Anwar MA1, Beckonert OP2, Shalhoub J1, Vorkas PA2, Lim CS1, Want EJ2, Nicholson JK2,
Holmes E2, Davies AH1
1Academic Section of Vascular Surgery.  2Section of Biomolecular Medicine, Department of Surgery & Cancer, Imperial College London, UK

2nd Prize

The incidence of endovenous foam induced thrombosis (EFIT) in 1000 legs in a single vascular centre.
Kulkarni SR, Messenger DE, Slim FJA, Emerson LG, Bulbulia RA, Whyman MR, Poskitt KR
Cheltenham General Hospital, Cheltenham, UK

3rd Prize

Two-year follow-up after ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy for varicose veins: Clinical, duplex and health-related quality of life.
Darvall KAL, Bate GR, Bradbury AW
University Department of Vascular Surgery, Birmingham, UK

12th Annual Meeting, 30th June – 3rd July 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia

1st Prize

Endovenous laser treatment of the great saphenous vein using a bare fibre versus tulip fibre.   Short term results of the Tulip-trial (ISRNTN51287398)
Y Goubau, P Mahieu, M Vuylsteke, S Thomis, I Fournau, S Morden
Department of Vascular Surgery, Sint Andriesziekenhuis, Belgium, Department of Vascular Surgery, Universitair Ziekenhuis Gasthuisberg, Belgium, Inserm U 703, Universite Lille Nord de France, France

2nd Prize

Endogenous markers of thrombogenesis are significantly increased in patients with varicose veins
CR Lattimer, E Kalodiki, D Hoppensteadt, Z Chaudhry, J Fareed, AN Nicolaides, G Geroulakos
Josef Pflug Vascular Unit, Ealing Hospital and Imperial College, London, UK, Thrombosis & Haemostasis Research Laboratory, Loyola University Medical Centre, Maywood, IL, USA, Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus

3rd Prize Improving retrieval rates of temporary inferior vena cava filters
RJ Meisner, AP Gasparis G Spentzouris, D Elitharp, N Labropoulos, A Tassiopoulos
Stonybrook University Hospital, Stonybrook, NY, USA

11th Annual Meeting, 24th-26th June 2010, Antwerp, Belgium

1st Prize
Steam ablation of saphenous varicose veins:  A promising new endovenous thermal therapy. 
RR van den Bos, R Milleret, M Neumann, T Nijsten
Erasmus MC, The Netherlands
2nd Prize

Effect of the anticoagulant therapy in the thrombus regression: A prospective duplex ultrasound study.
A Romera-Villegas, MA Cairols, X Marti-Mestre, S Riera-Batalla, C Martinez-Rico
Department of Angiology and Vascular Surgery, University Hospital of Bellvitge, Barcelona, Spain

3rd Prize Tissue pressures in venous disease.
G Gemayel, JT Christenson
Division of Cardiovascular Surgery, Venous Centre, University Hospital of Geneva & Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

10th Annual Meeting, 5th-7th June 2009, Copenhagen, Denmark

1st Prize
Intraluminal fibre-tip centering can improve endovenous laser ablation: A histological study. 
M Vuylsteke, J van Dorpe (1), J Roelens (2), D Bo Th, S Mordon (3)
Department of Vascular Surgery, Sint-Andriesziekenhuis, Tielt, Belgium
(1) Department of Pathology, Heilig-Hartziekenhuis, Roeselare, Belgium
(2) Department of Pathology, Sint-Andriesziekenhuis, Tielt, Belgium
(3) INSERM U 703, Lille University Hospital, Lille, France
2nd Prize

Atresia of the inferior vena cava and iliofemoral venous thrombosis.  Experiences with catheter-directed thrombolysis. 
R Broholm, N Baekgaard, S Just, M Jorgensen, L Panduro Jensen
Department of Vascular Surgery, Department of Radiology and the Thrombosis Centre, Gentofte University Hospital, Gentofte, Denmark

3rd Prize Medium-term follow-up of a randomized trial comparing laser ablation with stripping of the GSV.  Recurrence rate and pattern after 2 years.
LH Rasmussen, M Lawaetz, L Bjoern, B Lawaetz, A Blemings, B Eklof
The Danish Vein Centres and Surgical Clinic, Roskilde, Denmark

9th Annual Meeting, 26th – 28th June 2008, Barcelona, Spain

1st Prize

Inelastic compression increases venous ejection fraction more than elastic bandages.
G Mosti 1, V Mattaliano 1, H Partsch 2
1Angiology Department, Clinica MD, Barbantini, Lucca, Italy
2 Private Practice, Vienna, Austria

2nd Prize

Side effects and complications of foam sclerotherapy of the great and small saphenous veins: A controlled multicentre prospective study including 1025 patients.
JL Gillet, JM Guedes, JJ Guex, C Hamel-Desnos, M Schadeck, M Lauseker, FA Allaert. Vascular Medicine-Phlebology, Bourgoin-Jallieu, France

3rd Prize Progression of chronic venous disease in post-thrombotic limbs is more rapid when compared to primary.
AP Gasparis 1, N Labropoulos 1, D Pefanis 2, LR Leon 3,
SB Psalms 3, AK Tassiopoulos 1
1 Division of Vascular Surgery, Stony Brook University Medical Centre, Stony Brook, NY,
2 Division of Vascular Surgery, University of Medicine and Dentistry, Newark, NJ, 3 Vascular Surgery Section, University of Arizona health Science Centre, Tuscon, AZ, USA

8th Annual Meeting, 29th June – 1 July 2007, Istanbul, Turkey

1st Prize

Haemodynamic assessment of iliac veins and their relation with the sapheno-femoral junction
P Brazis(1), R Piotrowicz(1), N Labropoulos(2), A Jawien(1)
(1)Department of Surgery, Collegium Medicum, Nicolaus Copernicus University,  Bydgoszcz, Poland, (2)Division of Vascular Surgery, University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ USA

2nd Prize

Is hypoxia a feature of varicose vein disease?
B Sharp(1,2), BT Navin(1), C Monaco(1,2), E Paleolog(1,2), AH Davies(2)
(1)Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, Imperial College, London, UK, (2)Charing Cross Hospital Department of Surgery, Oncology and Anaesthetics (SORA), Imperial College, London, UK

3rd Prize Can postocclusive reactive hyperemia improve evaluation of venous obstruction in patients with chronic venous disease?
DJ Paolini, AJ Comerota, LS Jones.
Jobst Vascular Center, The Toledo Hospital, Toledo, Ohio, USA

7th Annual Meeting, 29 June – 1 July 2006, London, UK

1st Prize Continuous ambulatory venous pressure monitoring.A step forward in quantifying venous reflux
Eifell RKG (1), Ashour HY (1), Lees TA (2)
(1) Department of Surgery, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead,
(2) Northern Vascular Centre, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
2nd Prize A patient self-administered quality of life questionnaire to complement clinical and vascular laboratory assessments of varicose veins.
Van Rij AM, Chen T, Macfarlane J, Landmann MC.
Department of Surgery, Dunedin School of Medicine, University of Otago Dunedin New Zealand
3rd Prize Venous hypertension induced venous insufficiency ameliorated by Daflon 500mg
Pascarella L (1), Lulic D (2), Alsaigh T (1), Lee J (1), Kapur V (1), Schmid-Schonbein G (1), Bergan J (2)
(1) Department of Bioengineering, (2), Department of Surgery, UCSD School of Medicine, San Diego, California, US

 6th Annual Meeting, 24-26 June 2005, Crete, Greece

1st Prize Natural history and early outcome of calf deep venous thrombosis
Labropoulos N, Bhatti A, Leon L, Patel PJ.
Department of Surgery, Division of Vascular Surgery, Loyola University Medical Center, 2160 South First Avenue, Maywood, Illinois 60153-3304, USA 
2nd Prize External ultrasonic valvuloplasty

Milleret R, Pichardo S, Chapelon JY, Pichot O, Curiel L, Lacoste F.
Inserm U 556, Lyon, France

3rd Prize What is potentially the right factor XIII for venous leg ulcer treatment?
Tognazzo S, Gemmati D, Catozzi L, Carandina S, Pallazo A, Fortini P,
Scapoli GL, Zamboni P.
Center Study Haemostasis & Thrombosis and Center for Vascular Diseases, University of Ferrara, Italy

5th Annual Meeting, 25-27 June 2004, Warsaw, Poland

1st Prize

Reentry ways in varicose disease
Winczakiewicz J, Borkiewicz M.
Prywatne Centrum Chirurgi, Torun, Poland 

2nd Prize

Contraindication for pelvic varices embolisation due to anomalies in the iliocaval sector
Leal Monedero J, Zubicoa Ezpeleta S, Castro Castro J, Sanchez Guerrero A, Grimberg M.
Hospital Ruber Internacional, Madrid, Spain

3rd Prize

Saphenofemoral venous channels associated with recurrent varicose veins are not neovascular
El Wajeh Y (1), Giannoukas AD (1), Gulliford CJ (2), Suvarna SK (2), Chan P (1).
(1) Sheffield Vascular Institute; (2) Department of Histopathology, Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, UK

4th Annual Meeting, 27-29 June 2003, Lisbon, Portugal

1st Prize

20-year prospective epidemiological study on the development of varicose veins from childhood to adulthood (BOCHUM study I-IV)
Schultz-Ehrenburg U (1), Reich S (2), Robak-Pawelczyk B (2), Altmeyer P (2), Stucker M (2).  (1) Health Center of Berlin-Weissensee, Dermatology and Phlebology, Berlin Germany and (2) Department of Dermatology and Allergology, Rubr-University, Bochum, Germany.  

2nd Prize

Evaluation of the venous severity score: Comparison with the health specific Aberdeen Varicose Vein Questionnaire and the Short Form 12 General Health Survey
Beresford TP, Smith JJ, Greenhalgh RM, Davies AH.  Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Charing Cross Hospital, London, UK

3rd Prize

The impact of primary chronic venous insufficiency progression in recurrent varicose vein disease
Kostas T, Ioannou CV, Touloupakis E, Daskalaki E, Tsetis D*, Kafetzakis A, Liamis A, Kafeza M, Giannoukas AD, Katsamouris AN.  Division of Vascular Surgery and *Dept of Radiology, University Hospital of Heraklion, University of Crete Medical School, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

3rd Annual Meeting, 14-16th June 2002, Berlin, Germany

1st Prize

Determining the risk of morphological and functional damage of nervus saphenus in dependence on the position of n. saphenus and v. saphena Magna
Veverkova L.  1st Surgical Clinic, Masarik University, Brno, Czech Republic


2nd Prize

The role of inferior epigastric vein in the pathogenesis of recurrent varicose veins of the groin: Based on colour coded duplex scanning
Staszkiewicz W, Madycki G, Hendiger W.  Department of Vascular Surgery, Centre for Postgraduate Medical Studies, Warsaw, Poland

Minimally invasive surgical management of primary venous ulcers vs compression treatment: A long term randomized study
Zamboni P, Cisno C, Marchetti F, Quaglio D, Mazza P, Fogato L, Carandina S, dePalma M.  Dept of Surgery, University of Ferrara, 44100 Ferrara, Italy


3rd Prize

Venous thromboembolism-prophylaxis on a Saturday morning in a district hospital
Fassiadis N, Stavrianakis C, Moghraby OS, Gandhi P, Forde J, Desai A.  Department of General Surgery, Bromley Hospital, London, England

Venous thrombi resolve in tissue-type plasminogen activator deficient mice (TPA-/-) but not in urokinase-type plasminogen activator deficient (UPA-/-) mice
Singh I, Collins M, Collen D, Burnand K, Waltham M, Smith A.  Kings College, St Thomas’ Campus, London, England

2nd Annual Meeting, 13-14th September 2001, Rome Italy

1st Prize

Factors influencing recurrence of venous ulcers during long term followup
Blair SD, Hamsho A. Velthysen G, Mansell I.  Wirral Hospital and Community Trusts, Wirral, UK

2nd Prize

Ultrasound anatomy of the anterior saphenous vein
Georgiev M, Ricci S, Caggiati A, Cappelli M.  Rome and Florence, Italy

3rd Prize

The saphenofemoral valve-gatekeeper turned into rearguard
Fassiadis N, Holdstock JM, Whiteley MS.  Department of Vascular Surgery, Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford, UK

Inaugural Meeting, 29 June – 1 July 2000, Lyon, France

1st Prize

Endothelin-B receptor bearing endothelial cells may mediate neo-vascularisation as a cause of varicose veins
Agu O, Dashwood MR, Hamilton G, Baker DM.  University Department of Surgery, Royal Free and University College London Medical School.  Royal Free Campus, Hampstead, London

2nd Prize

The effect of skin compression on capillary blood velocity in patients with combined arterial and venous disease
Shoab SS, Howlader M, Coleridge-Smith PD.  Department of Surgery, University College London Medical School

3rd Prize

Symptoms and venous haemodynamics in a varicose vein population according to the CEAP classification
Iborra E, Cairols MA, Linares P, Ballon H.  Ciutat Sanitaria I Universitaria de Bellvitge, L’Hospitalet de LL Barcelona (Catalonia), Spain

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