Industry Sponsored Symposia

Industry Sponsored Symposia


Thursday 24 June 2021

14:00-15:00 Industry Session – Servier  |  Chronic or not. A disorder for life?

(Chairmen: M de Maeseneer, I Bihari)

14:00 Introduction
14:05 At the heart of the microcirculation. E Bouskela (Brazil)
14:20 Reflux pattern in microvalves of tributaries M Lugli (Italy)
14:35 New haemodynamic effects. Their applications with MPFF. A Nicolaides (Cyprus)
14:50 Questions and Answers


Friday 25 June 2021

11:00-12:00 Industry Session – Pierre Fabre  |  

Chair: Imre Bihari (Hungary)

11:00 Pathophysiology of oedema. Gyozo Szolnoky (Hungary)
11:15 Oedema from a clinical perspective: prevalence, level of risk of developing oedema, risk factors, differences/overlaps between sensation of swelling and oedema, signs/symptoms. Arkadiusz Jawien (Poland)
11:30 Benefits of Ruscus on oedema. Jean-Jerome Guex (France)
11:45 Questions and Answers


16:30-17:30 Industry Session – AlfaSigma  |  New Perspectives in Management of CVD

Chair: A Nicolaides, T Urbanek

16:30 New perspectives on pathophysiology and investigation. A Nicolaides (Cyprus)
16:45 Venotonic activity of Sulodexide. F Mannello (Italy)
17:00 Why and how to treat medically symptomatic CVD patients in our daily practice. A Mansilha (Portugal)
17:15 Discussion and closing remarks. T Urbanek (Poland)


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