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Thursday 30 June 2022


08.00-08.30 Video Session: (5 minute presentation, 5 minute discussion) 3 presentations

Chair: Marzia Lugli

    • An innovative mechano-chemical device for saphenous insufficiency ablation: how to do it. Jean Daniel Rostan
    • Double independent  heating elements in a single RF catheter in saphenous ablation. Luca Scaramuzzino
    • Saphenous Laser ablation: technical evolution in 1470 nm. Paolo Tamellini


14.00-15.00 Industry Session supported by Servier

Symptoms’ relief for Better Quality of Life in CVD: Patients’ & Physicians’ perspectives

Chair: Oscar Maleti (Italy)

    • Listening to the patient’s voice. Oscar Maleti (Italy)
    • Assessing quality of life in CVD: An innovative approach. Fabricio Santiago (Brazil)
    • Improving CVD patient care: New evidence from clinical trials to real life. Fedor Lurie (USA), Daciana Branisteanu (Romania)
    • Optimizing the decision making in CVD management. Jorge H. Ulloa (Colombia)


17.30-18.30 Industry Session supported by Boston Scientific

Interventional options for Venous patients: an interactive case based session

Chair: Marzia Lugli (Italy)

    • Diagnostic & treatment dilemmas in Venous – How & when to Intervene. Mert Dumantepe ​
    • Importance of IVUS in Venous treatment. Matteo Longhi (Italy)
    • Economic Impact of Treatment. Carla Rognoni (Italy)



Friday 1 July 2022


08.00-08.30 Video Session: (5 minute presentation, 5 minute discussion) 3 presentation

Chair: Giovanni Lipari (Italy)

    • Cava confluence reconstruction: how to do it. Matteo Longhi
    • Wireless air-plethysmography: a new technique of examination. Marzia Lugli
    • Stenting below the inguinal ligament: how to do it. Elisa Munari


11.00-12.00 Industry Session supported by Alfasigma

Comorbidities in Venous Diseases

Chairs: Andrew Nicolaides, Armando Mansilha

    • Diabetic challenge in CVD and PTS. Tomasz Urbanek (Poland)
    • Comorbidities impact on thrombotic risk: the netosis factor. Ferdinando Mannello (Italy)
    • Long COVID in Venous Diseases. Alejandro Gonzalez Ochoa (Mexico)


13.15-14.00 Industry Workshop supported by Cardinal Health

The Role of Intermittent Pneumatic Compression in the Prevention of VTE

Chair: Eleftheria Pervolaraki (Greece)

    • 13.15  Current practice and guidelines on the use of IPC. Andrew Nicolaides (Cyprus)
    • 13.27  The value of combined modalities in the latest Cochrane meta-analysis. Stavros Kakkos (Greece)
    • 13.39  Discussion


16.30-17.30 Industry Workshop supported by Pierre Fabre

What’s new in CVD management: from early-stage to advanced disease

Chair: Marzia Lugli (Italy)  |  Intro 5′

New features in CVD diagnosis:

      • How plethysmography can complement Ultrasound – Andrew Nicolaides (Cyprus)
      • How to evaluate microcirculatory changes in CVD –  Eliete Bouskela (Brazil)

Treatment innovations:

      • Innovation in venous leg ulcer treatment – Arkadiusz Jawien (Poland)
      • Updated recommendations of venous guidelines on the pharmacological treatment for CVD patients – Stavros Kakkos (Greece)

Q&A 10′

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