Industry Sponsored Symposia

Industry Sponsored Symposia


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Thursday 24 June 2021

14:00-15:00 Industry Session – Servier  |  Chronic or not. A disorder for life?

 Chairmen: M de Maeseneer (Netherlands), I Bihari (Hungary)

14:00 Introduction
14:05 At the heart of the microcirculation. E Bouskela (Brazil)
14:20 Reflux pattern in microvalves of tributaries M Lugli (Italy)
14:35 New haemodynamic effects. Their applications with MPFF. A Nicolaides (Cyprus)
14:50 Questions and Answers


Friday 25 June 2021

11:00-12:00 Industry Session – Pierre Fabre  |  Oedema in CVD: Clinical Perspectives and Management

Chair: Imre Bihari (Hungary), Jean-Jérôme Guex (France)

11:00 Pathophysiology of oedema. Gyozo Szolnoky (Hungary)
11:15 Oedema from a clinical perspective: prevalence, level of risk of developing oedema, risk factors, differences/overlaps between sensation of swelling and oedema, signs/symptoms. Arkadiusz Jawien (Poland)
11:30 Benefits of Ruscus on oedema. Jean-Jerome Guex (France)
11:45 Questions and Answers


16:30-17:30 Industry Session – AlfaSigma  |  Venous patients: Facing the current clinical challenges

Chair: A Nicolaides (Cyprus), S Kakkos (Greece)

16:30 New perspectives on pathophysiology and investigation. A Nicolaides (Cyprus)
16:50 Sulodexide in early stages of COVID-19 patients: A randomised controlled trial. A Gonzales Ochoa (Mexico)
17:10 Challenges in the treament of symptomatic CVD patients in our daily practice. A.Mansilha (Portugal)



The views expressed in both oral and poster presentations at the meeting are the views of the author(s) of the presentation.  They are not necessarily the opinions and views of the European Venous Forum. Presentation at the meeting does not constitute an endorsement of the speaker’s views by EVF. The presence of a company at the virtual exhibition does not constitute the European Venous Forum’s endorsement of a product or company. Congress delegates are expected to use their own diligence and medical judgement for clinical application.

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