In Memoriam – Hugo Partsch


September 28th, 1938 – January 26th, 2023


We were privileged to have known Hugo and whilst we are writing this memoriam on behalf of the European Venous Forum (EVF) Board we also write on behalf of the wider EVF “family”.

It has been said that “A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out” and that in our opinion epitomised the man Hugo was.

We have read with great admiration all the wonderful tributes paid to him. Time and time again the same words have been used to describe the man: amazing educator and mentor, true friend, inspirational, celebrated organiser, pioneer, special, visionary, charismatic, intelligent, honest, supremely polite, wise, kind, humanitarian, modest, dedicated, and so the list goes on. In summary not only was he a great scientist but a great gentleman and devoted family man.

Hugo had a gift for forging lifelong friendships and collaborations. He valued all peoples and their contributions regardless of their status and always found the good in everything even if that was rather challenging for the rest of us!

As a well-recognised leader in the fields of Venous and Lymphatic disease he spoke both nationally and internationally. His involvement in research, education and clinical work is well documented. He published close to 400 papers and his contributions to books too many to list.

Hugo was a great organizer and unifier. His logo was “In unione salus”. He organized the 5th European American Symposium on venous disease in Vienna which was the impetus for the creation of the American Venous Forum, where he was awarded as the first honorary member. Hugo was president for UIP 1999-2003. He was also a pioneer in the controversy on air-travel related venous thromboembolism, and asked the question “Is flying different from enjoying the Vienna Opera? No, but occasionally long sitting is more enjoyable in the Opera than in the airplane!”

Dedicated and guided by his devotion to improving people’s lives he will undoubtedly be best remembered for his contribution on the effects of compression bandaging.

We are sure as many of you would agree, that we wouldn’t be anywhere close to where we are now without his contributions.

We at EVF recall with fondness his drive, passion, and energy when it came to the EVF HOW workshops on compression bandaging. His enthusiasm never waned even though the pace of work was tough.

It is sad to think that he is no longer with us, but the venous world has and will continue to profit from his life’s work for a long time to come.

The EVF community would like to extend its sincere sympathies to Hugo’s wife, children, and grandchildren. We hope that you will draw comfort from the fact that he was greatly respected and loved by all his colleagues and friends.

A rare breed of person he will be missed more than words can express.


May you rest in peace Hugo.


  • Andrew Nicolaides
  • Maura Griffin
  • Bo Eklof

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