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Saturday 11 March 2017


Pathophysiology, symptoms and signs

  • 08.00: Welcome A Nicolaides / Bo Eklof
  • 08.15: CEAP classification: strengths and weaknesses B Eklof (Sweden)
  • 08.30: Symptoms of CVD-Definitions M Perrin (France)
  • 08.45: Mechanism of Symptoms S Kakkos (Greece)
  • 09.00: Scoring of Venous Symptoms JJ Guex (France)
  • 09.15: The problem of C0s patients M Perrin (France)
  • 09.30: The diagnostic process A Van Rij (New Zealand)
  • 09.45: Panel Discussion

10.00 Coffee

10.30 Key note lecture: How do duplex findings change our treatment strategies?  When do we need additional investigations?  M De Maeseneer (Belgium)

Varicose Veins: Effect of abolition of reflux

  • 10.45: Why varicose veins produce leg ulcers? A Van Rij (New Zealand)
  • 11.00: Varicose veins arising from pelvic veins TBC
  • 11.15: Clinical results of surgery, thermal ablation and “glue”. Summary of RCTs B EKlof (Sweden)
  • 11.30: Is UGFS from above down more effective than from down up? C Hamel-Desmos (France)
  • 11.45: Does compression improve comfort and results of UGFS? JC Ragg (Germany)
  • 12.00: Compression following saphenous ablation: a review of the data A Comerota (USA)
  • 12.15: Clinical results of surgery for incompetent perforating veins O Nelzen (Sweden)
  • 12.30: Saphenous preservation options and long term results S Chastanet (France)
  • 12.45: Panel discussion

13.00 Lunch

Post-thrombotic Syndrome (PTS)

  • 14.00: Can we prevent the PTS?  A Comerota (USA)
  • 14.15: New Strategies for the prevention of DVT recurrence  A Nicolaides (Cyprus)
  • 14.30: Compartment pressures and the value of faciotomy in PTS  JT Christenson (Switzerland)
  • 14.45: The value of Endophlebectomy  A Comerota (USA)
  • 15.00: Management of pelvic congestion syndrome TBC
  • 15.15: Panel discussion

15.30 Coffee

What is New in Compression

  • 16.00: New experimental findings and new results from clinical trials  H Partsch (Austria)
  • 16.15: Increasing working compression pressure and maintaining low resting pressure  T Lundh (Sweden)
  • 16.30: Intermittent pneumatic compression in CVD. Clinical and haemodynamic results  S Kakkos (Greece)

16.45 Keynote Lecture: Compression: Principles and clinical practice J Caprini (USA)

16.30 Panel Discussion

New findings in microcirculation in CVD: can abnormalities be reversed?

  • 17.00: Changes in microcirculation across CEAP classes. E Bouskela (Brazil)
  • 17.15: Microcirculatory measurements in CVD and effect of treatment A Nicolaides (Cyprus)
  • 17.30: Panel discussion
  • 18.00: Close of session

Sunday 12 March 2017


08.00 Deep venous obstruction and Reflux

  • 08.00: Selecting CVI patients for stenting M Lugli (Italy)
  • 08.15: Long term results of iliac stenting. Does original pathology matter? N Baekgaard (Denmark)
  • 08.30: Outcome after venous stenting: Is QoL more important than reporting PTS and patency? M Gohel (UK)
  • 08.45: Abolition of reflux in deep veins. Overview O Maleti (Italy)
  • 09.00: Who needs a neovalve? M Lugli (Italy)
  • 09.15: Technique of neovalve creation and long term results O Maleti (Italy)

09.30 Keynote Lecture: Tips and tricks for successful iliac stenting (15’) P Neglen (Cyprus)

09.45 Panel discussion

10.00 Coffee

10.30: Can hemodynamic tests help in the selection of patients? A Nicolaides (Cyprus)

10.45: The ideal venous stent A Giannoukas (Greece)

Update on thrombolysis for DVT

  • 11.00: Thrombolysis/thrombectomy: results and guidelines  A Comerota (USA)
  • 11.15: Should we measure thrombus age prior to thrombolysis?  N Baekgaard (Denmark)
  • 11.30: Anticoagulation or catheter lysis: Which is more cost-effective?  M Husmann (Switzerland)
  • 11.45: Panel Discussion

Pharmacotherapy in patients with CVD

  • 12.00: Classification and pharmacological action  E Bouskela (Brazil)  

12.15 Effect on symptoms and healing of venous ulcers:

  • Daflon-500 M Perrin (France)
  • Ruscus + HMC + Vit C AF Allaert (France)
  • Pentoxyphilline S Kakkos (Greece)
  • Sulodexide A Nicolaides (Cyprus)
  • Other TBC

13.15 Lunch

14.00 Delegates depart

Faculty meeting to consider and discuss draft updated guidelines on CVD previously drafted in 2013 and published in 2014.

14.30: Chapters 1-7

16.30: Coffee

17.00 – 18.30: Chapters 8-12

Monday 13 March 2017


09.00 Faculty meeting to consider and discuss draft updated guidelines on CVD previously drafted in 2013 and published in 2014 (Continued)

Chapters 13-20

13.00: Lunch 

14.00: Faculty Departs

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