16th EVF Russia Industry Symposia

Industry Sponsored Symposia

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THURSDAY 2 July 2015

  • 11.00-12.30: Didactic Session 2: From Early Venous Symptoms to Surgery: an Update (Supported by an educational grant from Servier) Chairmen: Evgeny Shaydakov (Russia), Andrew Nicolaides (Cyprus)
    • 11.00: Introduction. Eveny Shaydakov (Russia)
    • 11.05: Better understanding of chronic venous disease (CVD). Andrew Nicolaides (Cyprus)
    • 11.25: Surgical procedures: clinical implications. Marzia Lugli (Italy)
    • 11.45: Treatment of CVD from Cos to surgery: new evidence with Daflon. Armando Mansilha (Portugal)
    • 12.05: Panel discussion. Moderator: Andrew Nicolaides (Cyprus)
    • 12.25: Closing remarks. Andrew Nicolaides (Cyprus)

FRIDAY 3 July 2015

  • 13.00-14.00: Lunch – Rihter Room, 3rd Floor, Holiday Inn Hotel Compliance with medical compression stockings (MCS) for the treatment of CVI (Supported by an educational grant from Bauerfeind) Chair: Eberhard Rabe (Germany), Vasil Fattakhov (Russia)
    • 13.00: What we can learn about compliance from Bonn Vein Studies 1 & 2? Eberhard Rabe (Germany)
    • 13.15: Low-level compression to treat vein symptoms. Werner Blaettler (Switzerland)
    • 13.30: Improvement of blood flow by MCS. Vasil Fattakhov (Russia)
    • 13.45: Taking leg measures with the BT600 guarantees best fit of MCS. Hans J Thomae (Germany)

SATURDAY 4 July 2015

  • 08.00-09.00: Didactic Session 4: Venous Markers and their Clinical Use (Supported by an educational grant from Alfa-Wasserman) (10 min presentations followed by 5 min discussion) Chair: J Fareed (USA), T Vavilova (Russia)
    • 08.00: Biomarkers of venous thromboembolism. Thomas Wakefield (USA)
    • 08.15: Biomarkers of chronic venous disease. Ferdinando Mannello (Italy)
    • 08.30: MMP12 and VEGF as genetic risk factors for varicose veins. AI Shevela (Russia)
    • 08.45: Commentary and practical applications. Jawed Fareed (USA)
  • 11.30-11.45: Didactic Session 5. “Hot” Topics (Supported by an educational grant from Covidien) (10 min presentations followed by 5 min discussion) Chair: Mehmet Kurtoglu (Turkey), S Belentsov (Russia)
    • 11.30: Current status of graduated elastic and intermittent pneumatic compression stocking in the prevention of DVT. Joseph Caprini (USA)
    • 11.45: New data from the use of cyanoacrylate adhesive in GSV closure. Thomas Proebstle (Germany)
    • 12.00: Algorithm for management of axillary vein thrombosis. George Geroulakos (UK)

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