21st EVF Meeting info

Welcome to the Virtual EVF, 24-26 June 2021


On behalf of the European Venous Forum (EVF) and Hungarian Venous Forum (HVF), we cordially invite you to our 21st EVF annual meeting. We were hoping to meet you in person in Budapest, but alas, because of the need to ensure your safety, that of your patients, colleagues and family, the EVF and the HVF had no option but to adopt the style of a virtual meeting.

Despite the virtual format, we are aiming to retain the main characteristic of this conference that provides a platform for presentation and discussion of all that is new in plebology. Thanks to technological advances we have been able to introduce several innovations that we hope will induce the feeling of ‘real-life’ person to person event as closely as possible and introduce new networking possibilities.

We had over 100 abstracts, from which the highest scoring 30 have been selected for oral presentations. “Poster” presentations will be in the form of 4-minute power-point videos. There will be the traditional key-note lecture and a joint session of the American and European Venous Forums demonstrating the increased activity between the two societies; also a session organised by the Balkan Venous Forum, didactic sessions organised jointly by the EVF and HVF, industry sessions and exhibition stands which will contain many interactive features including chats and virtual meetings with industry members.

This is one of the largest meetings devoted to phlebology and via our virtual platform you should be able to meet our experts, fellow delegates and Exhibitors at the sessions, video chat and network using the dedicated ‘networking’ rooms. CME certificates will be available for all attending delegates.

Never, since the birth of EVF 20 years ago, has an annual meeting proved so challenging. This marks a new chapter in its history. It will be different, but with change we evolve. We can now extend our knowledge and expertise to a wider audience across the globe.

The EVF meetings are successful because of the people that work all year round to make it happen, the faculty and our industry partners who provide their unstinting support. But ultimately what makes the meetings special is you, the loyal EVF members and delegates who attend.


Imre Bihari                                                                                                               Andrew Nicolaides

EVF President and Local Chairman                                                                    Chairman of the EVF Board

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